The "Safe Production Month" activity


This June marks the 22nd National "Safe Production Month". May 31, Hebei Province "safe production month" and "risk prevention, hidden dangers, safety" key industries and key enterprises safe production 100 days competition activity officially launched.

The theme of this year's "Safe Production Month" is "Everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergencies". Hebei will continue to carry out various forms of special activities, such as publicity and education, knowledge popularization, experience popularization, exposure of hidden dangers, case warning, supervision and reporting, and voluntary services, so as to raise the public's awareness of safety and improve the public's safety quality. We will mobilize all levels and departments to continue to deepen the investigation of potential workplace safety hazards, focus on key industries such as fireworks and firecrackers, hazardous chemicals, fire control, mining, tailings ponds, and gas, deepen the source control and comprehensive treatment, control key areas and potential risks, strictly prevent workplace safety accidents, and promote the level of workplace safety and the steady improvement of the situation.

In order to protect the lives and health of workers and promote production safety in enterprises, from late May to early September, Hebei carried out a 100-day production safety competition in key industries and enterprises with the theme of "Preventing risks, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety". Organize and mobilize key enterprises in coal mines, non-coal mines, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, dangerous chemicals, industrial and commercial trade, transportation and other key industries in the province to further build a safety production pattern of "mass prevention, mass control and mass governance" by participating in the production safety competition.

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