Special inspection of hazardous chemicals


Recently, the Anhui Provincial Emergency Management Department and the provincial fire and rescue Corps jointly issued a notice to deploy and launch the first safety special inspection and supervision work of major hazardous chemical source enterprises in the province in 2023.

The special inspection supervision is implemented by self-inspection of enterprises, cross-inspection of full coverage at the municipal level, spot inspection at the provincial level and supervision and verification at the ministerial level.

It is clear that all levels should take this special inspection and supervision as a specific action and important measure to implement the special investigation and rectification action of national and provincial major accident hidden dangers, effectively promote the responsibility of major hazard security guarantee to effectively perform their duties, effectively implement various safety risk control measures of enterprises, high-quality and efficient risk investigation and rectification, and continue to improve the prevention and control ability of major safety risks.

Focusing on the precise and strict law enforcement of major accident hidden dangers, enterprises that do not carry out self-inspections as required, prominent hidden problems, and do not meet the conditions of safe production, as well as the safety guarantee responsibility for major hazards, and the safety risk commitment announcement of the main person in charge is inconsistent with the facts, and seriously investigate and punish according to law, so as to forcefully and accurately enforce the law. Promote enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production, effectively prevent and control major safety risks, and ensure that the safe production situation of hazardous chemicals in the province continues to be stable and good.

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