Summer company outing


With the arrival of summer, the manager led all the staff to carry out team building activities, so that everyone could stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, temporarily stop busy work, and enjoy a relaxing and pleasant day.

In the activity, everyone releases the strength of the team, burns the passion of youth, relaxes the body and mind, accumulates energy and charges, sincerely cooperate and grow together, and fully enjoy the beauty of this moment. Group building is a group of interesting people getting together and doing interesting things. Enjoy the food at the same time, flying mood, entertainment unlimited.

Through one game after another, not only pleased the body and mind, but also witnessed the moment of victory, so that Yanxi employees understand each other, progress together, enhance the communication and feelings between each other at the same time, improve team cohesion.   

At the event site, the three games of "eagle catching chicken, balloon passing paper cup, rotating bottle cap" ran through the whole game, adding infinite fun to the group construction activity.

Looking at the concentrated and concentrated family, everyone is full of fighting spirit and ready to go, as if lighting the flame of passion in the heart, contributing to us one wonderful moment after another.

Although the competition is fierce, the friendship is more colorful. For everyone, it is not important to win or lose, the process of fighting is the most important, it is really beautiful to see everyone's efforts!

Life is not only in the present, there are poems and distant fields; Work is not only the two points and line of the company and home, but also a colorful barbecue group.

In order to meet the appetite, everyone has to show the "real technology", fan the fire, brush oil, seasoning, charcoal... In one go, only a barbecue group to build, "fried" out of countless hidden "barbecue master". 

Everyone ate a variety of food baked by their own hands, talking about various interesting things they encountered in work and life, eating together, living up to the "food" light.

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