Customer visit factory


  With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of research and development technology, our company is also expanding the international market, and attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit.

  On the morning of July 5, 2023, African customers came to our factory for a field visit. High-quality products and services, equipment and technology, and good industry development prospects are important reasons to attract this customer visit.

  The general manager of the company warmly received the guests who came from afar. Accompanied by the main person in charge of each department and the staff, the foreign customers visited the production workshop, assembly workshop and production workshop of the company's factory. During the visit, the accompanying personnel of our company introduced the product production to the customers and answered the questions raised by the customers. Rich knowledge and well-trained working ability, also left a deep impression on customers.

  Subsequently, the two sides came to the product display center and conducted on-site testing experiments on product quality for customers, and the product quality was highly praised by customers. The two sides held in-depth discussions on future cooperation, hoping to achieve win-win and common development in the future cooperation projects.

  In order to let customers more comprehensive understanding of our production strength, business philosophy, product quality, accompanied by the general manager of our company, customers visited the entire casting production process, physical and chemical inspection process and machining production workshop. After further understanding of the company's scale strength, R & D capability and product structure, customers recognized and praised our company's better production workshop environment, orderly production process, strict quality control system and processing and inspection equipment. During the visit, for all kinds of questions raised by customers, the company's relevant technical staff have made detailed answers, rich knowledge and enthusiastic working attitude, but also left a deep impression on customers.


  After the visit, the customer communicated with the leaders of our company seriously, the customer had a strong interest in our products, and praised the professional quality of the products, and the two sides had an in-depth discussion on future cooperation.

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