Vanillin CAS 121-33-5


It is an important spice extracted from the vanilla bean of the rutaceae plant. It is one of the most productive varieties of synthetic spices. It is an important raw material for blending chocolate, ice cream, chewing gum, cakes and tobacco flavors. It is naturally found in vanilla pods, as well as clove oil, oakmoss oil, Peru balsam, tolu balsam and benzoin. Vanillin has a strong and unique aroma of vanilla bean, the aroma is stable, and it is not volatile at higher temperatures. It is easily affected by light, oxidizes gradually in the air, and easily changes color when it encounters alkali or alkaline substances.  It can be used in many daily chemical flavor formulations, but it is mainly used in edible flavors. Especially it is widely used in candies, chocolates, beverages, ice cream, and alcohol, and it is also very useful in tobacco flavors. 

Purity 99%min

Product NameVanillin 
CAS Number121-33-5 

Pale yellow powder

StorageCool dry place
Melting Point81-83 °C(lit.)

Appearance White crystal powder

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