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Sodium thiocyanate(sometimes called Sodium sulphocyanide) is the chemical compound with the formula NaSCN. This colorless deliquescent salt is one of the main sources of the thiocyanate anion. As such, it is used as a precursor for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals. Thiocyanate salts are typically prepared by the reaction of cyanide with elemental sulfur:
8 NaCN + S8 → 8 NaSCN
Sodium thiocyanate crystallizes in an orthorhombic cell. Each Na+ center is surrounded by three sulfur and three nitrogen ligands provided by the triatomic thiocyanate anion. It is commonly used in the laboratory as a test for the presence of Fe3+ ions.

Physical and chemical properties: white orthorhombic system crystallization or powder, soluble in water, ethanol, acetone and other solvents, aqueous solution is neutral, in molysite generated blood-red rhodanide iron, in does not react with ferrous salt, sodium cyanide of sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid yellow cobalt salt effect generated rhodanide cobalt blue, silver halide or copper salt effect and generate white sulfur black or silver cyanide copper cyanide sulfur precipitation, easy deliquescence in the air.


It is used as solvent for acrylic fiber silk drawing, chemical analysis reagent, color film washing agent, some plant defoliator and airport road herbicide, also used in pharmacy, printing and dyeing, rubber treatment, black nickel plating and making artificial mustard oil.

sodium thiocyanate540-72-7Sodium rhodanatesodium thiocyanate540-72-7Sodium rhodanatesodium thiocyanate


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