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Product Description:

Ferrocene, or ferrocyclopentadienyl iron, is an organometallic compound with the formula Fe(C5H5)2 that sublimates slightly at room temperature and thus has a distinctive camphor-like odor. Ferrocene is the most important  complex and the first sandwich complex to be discovered, consisting of two anions bonded to iron atoms by PI electrons.
Ferrocene is a kind of sandwich-containing metal compound. Our powder ferrocene and its derivatives, because of their own characteristics such as hydrophobicity, bio-oxidability, aroma, stability, low resistance, biological activity, has a wide range of application such as catalyst, the antiknock additive  high-temperature lubricant, the intermediates of high-temperature polymer and UV absorber.

Basic Info.

Product NameWholesale price ferrocene cas 102-54-5 ferrocene powder for sale
AppearanceOrange crystal
Molecular FormulaC10H10Fe
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StorageKeep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life2 Years


Ferrocene has a very wide range of important uses in the fields of chemistry, industry and medicine, such as: it can be used as fuel smoke suppressant or burning rate regulator, photosensitizer, stabilizer, polymer material modifier, etc., and can be used for the synthesis of D-alanine, ferrocene penicillin and other drug intermediates, and can also be used as a blood tonic to treat iron deficiency anemia. Ferrocene is a special metal-organic compound, its solubility in organic solvents, its electron-rich characteristics, and the "sandwich-type" structure, make it has two main uses in organic synthesis:
(1) Directly used as a reducing agent or catalyst;
(2) Ferrocene derivatives are prepared by the functional group of rings. Ferrocene itself is a good reducing agent, can participate in many oxidation-reducing reactions, for example: it can be used as a single electron homogeneous catalyst to catalyze the Pschorr cyclization reaction, so that the reaction that would have taken several hours is completed in a few minutes, and obtain a high yield.
Formula 1), which can also reduce sulfoxide to sulfide in the presence of (
Formula 2). By activating the ring of ferrocene, a series of derivatives can be prepared (equation
3, Eq. 4, Eq. 5), some of which have planar chiral derivatives can be used as chiral ligands with other metals to form chiral catalysts, such as asymmetric Diels-Alder reactions, asymmetric allylation reactions, and some other asymmetric functional group reactions. In addition, ferrocene has been widely used in polymer chemistry and nanoscience.





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Q:What is your lead time?
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