Knowledge of hazardous chemicals


Classification of common hazardous chemicals


Explosive materials

It means that under the action of external forces, a violent chemical reaction can occur, and a large amount of gas and heat can be generated instantaneously, so that the surrounding pressure rises sharply and an explosion occurs.



Flammable liquid

Means flammable liquids, mixtures of liquids or liquids containing solid substances, but does not include liquids that have been included in other classes because of their hazardous properties and have a burning point equal to or below 61 degrees Celsius.

lead diacetate trihydrate


Poisonous object

It means that after entering the body, it accumulates to a certain amount, which can have biochemical or biophysical effects with body fluids and organ tissues, disturb or destroy the normal physiological functions of the body, cause temporary or persistent pathological changes in some organs and systems, and even endanger life.



Compressed, liquefied gas

It is usually a gas dissolved under compression, liquefaction or pressure.



Flammable solid

Refers to the low ignition point, sensitive to heat, impact, friction, easy to be ignited by external fire sources, burning quickly, and may emit toxic fumes or toxic gases solid, but does not include items that have been included in the explosive.

lead diacetate trihydrate


Corrosive product

Solids and liquids that can burn human tissue and cause damage to objects such as metals. Visible necrosis within 4 hours of contact with the skin, or solids and liquids with a uniform corrosion rate of more than 6.25mm/y on the surface of No. 20 steel at 55 degrees Celsius.


Hazards of hazardous chemicals

01 Fire and explosion hazards

Cause fire, explosion accident, and rescue difficulty is high.

N-Carbethoxy-4-piperidonelead diacetate trihydrate


02 Health Hazards

After the accident, the poison can spread and cause pollution in many ways, causing acute poisoning and suffocation accidents.

lead diacetate trihydrate1-Methyl-4-piperidone

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