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  • Company team party activities

    In order to enhance the mutual understanding between employees, reflect humanistic care, further promote the construction of corporate culture of the company, let each employee truly feel the warmth of the company's big family, enhance the entertainment of everyone, but also enhance the cohesion and team spirit of the company.

  • New employee training

    In order to make new employees adapt to the company's working environment as soon as possible, cultivate their sense of identity with the corporate culture. The company gave training to the new college students.

  • Factory visit with Russian customers

    In April 2023, our Russian customers with long-term cooperation came to China to visit and visit our company, to learn about the scale and production situation of our company's factory, to have a deeper understanding of our production line, and to deepen the understanding of our company.

  • Factory experience

    Going to the factory was a very interesting experience for us. Our company has its own factory. We also want to know how products are produced. This time, we came to the factory to experience the work of the assembly line and feel the rhythm of the factory.

  • Weekend activities

    Team building activities make everyone fall in love with sports

  • Company daily activities

    While paying attention to the development of the company, the company also pays attention to the daily life of employees, so daily activities are an indispensable part of the company.

  • Company production innovation

    Production innovation is an activity that combines people's knowledge production and physical production organically with the help of innovative thinking.

  • socially useful activity

    In March 2022, our company went to remote primary schools for education aid activities. Our volunteer service team and love student aid team made field visits to the teaching sites of the schools, visited four families, donated books to the children of the schools, and, as a chemical company, spread some interesting chemical knowledge to students in advance.

  • Customer visit Company

    Domestic and foreign customers to the company for field visits, quality products and services, strong company qualification and reputation, good industry development prospects, is an important reason to attract customers to visit.

  • Seaside Team Building

    Seaside team building is a good choice for company group building. It can make us feel relaxed and satisfied. Work with all your might, play with enthusiasm, and be grateful.

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